Hi all,

(sorry my english is not 100% yet!)

I am a beginner and am having problems with this whole root/sudo thing. I am fully aware of being root and how it can cause secuirty issues but consierding i use a virtual machine i dont care about the secuirty issue.

i went through all the tutorials online by downloading kali-root and enabled passwordless login but it doesnt fix my issue.

i would honestly just login as root to solve this issue but because i already creatd a user and downloaded everything i need on that user, logging in as root would make me have to repeat that process.

i remember once i had a kali linux machine and i dont know what i did but i would always login via kali and never had the issue of not having root privleges. right now with the whole passwordless login enabled on my user, i still cant open for exammple the root folder (grahpical interface not through terminal, yes i know i could open with sudo but the graphical i need for my rookiness).

any advice?