Hello everybody,this is not my frist time installing kali but my frist whit dual boot . My problem the installation process go fine but when I restart the pc not only grub don't show up but there is nothing even on the bios boot page there is only windows boot and literally nothing related to kali-grub...but I I give a look to the partition there is all ok ...

I have an acer nitro whit win 11 I had done the classic installation procedure :

> create a 30gb partition
> burn the iso
> disable secure boot and even fast boot
> run the graphic installation
> manual partition
>chose the 30gb free one
>install grub

I had noticed 3 things ..
-when launching the installation menu it says on a black screen dev/sda n /mnt/sda failed: Invalid aargument
-bfore the partition it says the firmware run the installation in uefi mode and if I want to force it or no whit the related compatibility issues whit the other OS .. ( till now I don't force It )
- when the grub installation comes it say no other OS where found on the pc .. and is impossible

So any suggestions?