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Thread: Protonvpn on KDE Kali 2022 ...

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    Protonvpn on KDE Kali 2022 ...

    I just installed the package protonvpn but once the gui accepts my credentials the gui itself disappears (I am able to connect using the cli version tough) ... Manajaro linux on the other side works flawlessly ...

    I am using KDE (hence kwallet) and I get the following error message:

    /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/protonvpn_nm_lib/core/connection_backend/nm_client/ Warning: g_main_context_push_thread_default: assertion 'acquired_context' failed

    nm_client =
    nm:ERROR:src/libnm-client-impl/nm-client.c:7277:_init_start_check_complete: assertion failed: ((g_main_context_get_thread_default() ?: g_main_context_default()) == _priv->main_context)
    Bail out! nm:ERROR:src/libnm-client-impl/nm-client.c:7277:_init_start_check_complete: assertion failed: ((g_main_context_get_thread_default() ?: g_main_context_default()) == _priv->main_contex
    zsh: IOT instruction protonvpn
    Any hint?

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    I recently had this issue on a few machines, it seemed to be an issue with nm library dependencies being missing (not sure why these were suddenly missing as protonvpn had been working until a recent update) - I installed the dependencies listed here and everything now works as expected

    Note: This issue only seems to happen on KDE(XFCE protonvpn continued to work), installing the dependencies above should get Protonvpn working again however on KDE

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