Hi all,

I am quite a beginner in using Kali and also no Linux expert but kinda familiar with it. I run Kali 2022.1 on Virtualbox and it worked very good for the last few weeks since I set it up. Today I experience a problem because after login only a terminal appears which has a menu bar but the window itself seems missing (or better window frame maybe). Also anything else is gone. No system menu bar, no icons on desktop. I can start programs from the terminal however. I have to admit that I have played around with the python installation yesterday because of another issue I had. Actually I uninstalled python3 but also reinstalled it. I also installed python-is-python3 but uninstalled it again today. When I uninstalled python3 yesterday it took quite long and it seemed to uninstall quite a lot of packages so I tend to assume it has something to do with it but I may be completely wrong. Yesterday I didn't experience any problems after the python uninstall. Just today after I started the machine after shutdown yesterday.

Any help is greatly appreciated.