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Thread: Kinamax TS-9900 3070 chipset

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    Kinamax TS-9900 3070 chipset

    Has anyone had any experience with this adapter the Kinamax TS-9900 3070 chipset.

    I.E does it support monitor and injection modes and does it give a good range?

    Considering buying one but need a little background first.


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    Well, this is a panel antenna so it will have good range within probably a 30 degree radius of where it is pointing. You should see good range (depending on the quality). According to this website, it has a rt3070 chipset which i believe is supported. Good luck!

    PS- If you have trouble, try reading this (yeah its in French but thats what Google Chrome/translate is for). Just skip the install Ubuntu and aircrack part because aircrack is already installed part.

    REMEBER!!!!! Hacking into a network that is not yours or that you do not have permission to is illegal! I am not responsible for what you do with this information!
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    Thanks for the info sox - the french site made for interesting reading.


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    No problem, no promises that it will work but I have faith...

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