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Thread: XRDP with No Audio

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    Question XRDP with No Audio


    I am running Kali Linux latest version into my testing server. It has GUI (xfce) enabled and XRDP installed. I can login into that server from my Windows laptop using remote desktop connection. But I get no sound from remote machine (Kali Linux). Volume icon remained grey/inactive saying "not connected to the pulse audio server"
    I can find no pulse audio plugin/module for XRDP in kali Linux repository. I tried to compile and install from here -
    but it's not working.

    How to fix the issue? How can I enable sound in remote Kali Linux machine?

    Note: I configured remote desktop client properly for playing sound (Check screenshot)


    So it seems the problem is with sound forwarding from remote machine and pulse audio module for XRDP.

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    I?ve got this working, sort of, on a RasPi.
    I noticed that there seems to be some sort of issue where pulse audio grabs the audio hardware before the xrdp modules (provided these are functioning and installed properly). So I often need to kill and restart pulseaudio after establishing the connection to get things working. It?s odd, and I haven?t figured out how to make this work on the first go.

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