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Thread: What is the best USB WIFI Adapter for KALI today?

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    Lightbulb What is the best USB WIFI Adapter for KALI today?

    I am a prolonged user of AWUS036H and I cannot praise it enough, even though it has its annoying moments, but over all a great piece of hardware; nevertheless, I would like to move on and expand into the 5GHz range, while staying in 2.4 GHz as well of course. It doesn't have to be Alfa necessarily, but it has to be in the top range, and so far alfa seems to dominate over TP Link. Anyway, I went over to their site and there are so many, and I don't know the main differences and how stable they actually are. Here are just to list a few:

    I have heard nothing but bad things about the AWUS036NHR, so I wonder is the V2 any better, or which one of them [all] the the best for range, injection, etc.


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    I have had good experience with the 036H and the 036NHA
    Had lots of trouble with the 036NHR

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